Dennis D. is a United States Marine Corps veteran, a chef, and a peer leader, amongst many other things. He also has glaucoma, but he doesn’t let his sight loss define him. In honor of Veterans Day, we’re highlighting Dennis’s journey and commitment to the visually impaired community.

Ten years ago, Dennis turned to CVI for help as his vision loss progressed. He was working as a chef but was struggling to manage his kitchen. Dennis enrolled himself in services at CVI, where he completed orientation and mobility (O&M), activities of daily living (ADL), and technology training – all at the same time. He then switched careers and began working as a peer specialist, helping people through personal challenges.

Dennis D.

Today, Dennis serves as the Blind Veterans Association Georgia Regional Chapter President and leads CVI’s men’s support group. You may be asking yourself how he manages such a schedule. Dennis says, “I love staying connected to the community. I put the skills I’ve learned in a mental toolbox that helps me manage my daily activities.”

Dennis knows firsthand that adjusting to vision loss takes time. He shared, “It takes a while to work through sight loss – both mentally and physically. Just know that better days are ahead.” Dennis continued, “Thanks to CVI, I still do everything I’ve always loved: watching TV, going to the movies, attending sports events, and reading. I’m still the chef of my family – I cook almost every day.”

CVI is thankful to Dennis not only for his military service but for being a pillar in the vision loss community. This Veterans Day, we thank all who have served, including Dennis.

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