Night Visions: A Celebration of Hope and Heroes

Night Visions: A Celebration of Hope and Heroes

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CVI Honors Award

Susan Hoy (pictured left), long-time CVI Foundation trustee, former CVI Board chair, attorney, and community leader.

“I am grateful to the many leaders who have served with me as a Trustee at CVI. They have said “yes” many times over to help guide and support the incredibly important services that CVI provides. I have known what CVI does and always understood its value but didn’t think I would ever need them. But I am now a client too. And I am lucky to have the resources to access my low vision care. Others are not so lucky. Tonight, all of you are responsible for bringing great hope to those who need the care and commitment of CVI. You are incredibly generous. Thank you.”

Helping Hand Award

John W. Thomas, M.D. (pictured right), a leader in the field of vitreoretinal disease and surgery who also serves on the CVI Board. Dr. Thomas is a retina specialist with Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

“My grandmother had macular degeneration and she would use her “side vision” to see me in my college tennis matches. That was one of her life hacks and her experience inspired me to pursue ophthalmology. CVI has always been a tremendous resource to me and a benefit to my patients. I encourage everyone to think of CVI as a partner. They know how to provide effective and compassionate care for anyone experiencing vision loss.”

Sarah Woolf CVI Spirit Award

Aaron King (pictured left) whose vision diagnosis brought him to CVI where he has embraced vision rehabilitation training, counseling, technology, and more.

“My experience with CVI has been transformational. I was lost and unsure of what my future held. But from the moment I stepped inside CVI I felt I was part of a family…My ability to adjust to vision loss would not have been possible without the support and services at CVI. Thanks to their assistance and the community I have found there, I am able to carry myself with dignity and I am equipped with the necessary tools to navigate this world without fear.”

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