Rehabilitation services for the blind and visually impaired in Atlanta and Georgia

Whether you’re experiencing vision lost for the first time or have never had full vision, the Center for the Visually Impaired can help you.

Our rehabilitation services are both comprehensive and varied, and we serve people of all ages. And if we don’t have the exact service you’re seeking, we can point you to other resources. To apply to any of the services below, click here. To refer anyone to these services, click here.

Here’s a summary of CVI’s core programs and services:

  • The Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic shows you how to make the best use of whatever vision you have. Clinics are located in Midtown Atlanta and Suwanee (once a month) – and serve people age 5 and older.
  • The Adult Rehabilitation Programs & Support Services provides training on how to navigate every aspect of your life with visual impairment. From using new technology to adjusting to new routines to sharing experiences with others, CVI gives you the knowledge you need to live more independently.
  • The STARS (Social, Therapeutic, Academic, Recreational Services) program provides school-aged youth with the skills and self-confidence to live with vision loss. Comprehensive programming takes place year round in four components: after school, mentoring, summer camp, weekend recreational events.
  • The BEGIN program is for children just beginning life. It serves children under 5 as well as parents, teachers and child care providers. And it includes everything from assessment of vision to counseling to group activities.
  • A complete schedule and description of support groups is provided for those who may benefit from sharing the experience of vision loss with others.
  • InfoLink is an information resource created by CVI to promote services, seminars, events, products and organizations that may be of interest to the visually impaired community and their families.