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June is National Safety Month, and a big part of that initiative is focused on safety education in the home for seniors. At the Center for the Visually Impaired, our Director of Programs Windy Cruz oversees a team of occupational therapists (OT), the Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic, and other adult rehabilitation programs. She shares that after a client’s low vision evaluation, there are opportunities for follow-up home visits to keep our clients safe and independent. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about our home follow-up services.

How do these follow-up home visits for seniors work?

Seniors seen by the low-vision optometrist are then evaluated by an occupational therapist. At this time, the therapist and client collaborate regarding goals the client may have toward gaining independence in various areas of their activities of daily living. It is then recommended that the therapist schedule a follow-up appointment either in the clinic or in the client’s home to work together toward accomplishing these goals.


How does this service get scheduled? 

To schedule the follow-up appointment, the OT will discuss the client’s needs and availability. The OT then communicates with our client services team to schedule the client for their follow-up appointment(s). A member of the client services team will reach out to the client to confirm the appointment.


How many clients is CVI currently serving with home visits?

We are currently serving clients in their homes weekly in some locations and monthly in other communities based on the availability of the client and provider. Telehealth and clinic sessions are available as appropriate. Last month, we served 175 clients with new follow-up appointments.


What is it about home visits that are successful and encourage our clients’ independence? 

Aging in place is a focus in healthcare for our aging population. The home is a more familiar environment which can decrease stress and anxiety for a client. Home sessions are beneficial because it is more personalized, empowering the client to become more independent in their environment and catering to their specific needs.


For more information on CVI services or to book an appointment at our low vision clinic, please call us at 404-875-9011.