CVI is thrilled to announce new services for children ages 3-5 who have vision loss and/or multiple disabilities. Services include low vision exams, occupational therapy (OT), small group sessions focused on enhancing play, and one-on-one rehabilitation. Dr. Windy Cruz, CVI’s Program Director, has extensive experience in the OT field and in the development of professionals. With her leadership, we have expanded our staff to include two pediatric specialists: Dr. Sarah Lee and Caroline Homer, MOT, OTR/L.

Child with glasses smiling with his momDr. Sarah Lee is a pediatric optometrist who specializes in providing eye care services to children. As an optometrist, she will test for visual acuity, refractive error, visual field, eye muscle function, and color vision. Caroline will work with children to develop gross and fine motor skills, learn spatial awareness, sensory integration and exploration, and other daily activities.

Dr. Cruz spoke on the importance of these services, saying, “Being able to provide these services early in a child’s journey is more beneficial to them. Children with vision loss learn through sensory learning, which is what we specialize in. This allows us to approach their vision loss from all different sensory processing abilities and helps us develop a framework of skills that children can use as they grow.”

We are excited to bring these services to life thanks to the leadership of Dr. Cruz, Dr. Lee, and Caroline. Learn more about these opportunities by visiting our website at https://cviga.org/youth-services/. We are scheduling appointments now so please call us at 404-875-9011. The Client Services team can answer your questions and guide you through registering your child for services.