Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic


The Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic helps people ages five years and older who are experiencing low vision.

How do you know if you need a low vision evaluation? Ask yourself the following questions. If you respond yes to any of them, then you are a good candidate for low vision services.

Are you having difficulty…

  • Seeing faces?
  • Reading newspapers and magazines?
  • Reading bills, mail and medication bottles?
  • Managing your finances?
  • Signing your name?
  • Using your computer?
  • Watching TV?

The ways our Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic can help include:

  • A specially trained optometrist will evaluate your usable sight and make recommendations for enhancing your quality of life and independence.
  • An occupational therapist (OT) with a specialty in low vision will introduce you to lighting and magnification options for reading, writing and performing daily activities that best fit your goals and needs.
  • We will help you learn to use devices and techniques for everyday activities such as meal preparation, financial management and medication organization.
  • We will recommend other CVI services that can help you maintain your independence and continue activities you enjoy.

CVI’s Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic offers low vision evaluations provided by Dr. Jon Forché, Dr. Esther Yang and Dr. Kim Vuong by appointment only. Learn about our doctors’ experience below.

In addition to our clinic in Midtown, we host a clinic in Suwanee once a month. We also collaborate with local school systems.

Most private insurance is accepted. Medicare coverage is available for those who qualify.

To learn more call CVI at 404-875-9011 or ask your doctor for more information about services that may help you. You can also download our brochure below.

CVI is grateful to Georgia’s Drive For Sight program which awarded us a grant to fund this life-changing work. The Georgia “Drive for Sight” Program is based on voluntary donations. Georgia drivers may choose to donate one dollar at the time of their initial or renewal application for motor vehicle drivers’ licenses.