Tactile quilts are a great gift idea for babies who have a visual impairment. CVI gives one to families that are new to the BEGIN program. Tactile quilts teach babies to explore a variety of textures, and when appropriate, colors and sounds. The quilts can be made with different textures in the squares on the front including lace, fringe, tulle, rickrack, elastic, and anything that is interesting and is washable. Some quilters will also add pockets on the quilt for a searching activity as the child gets older.

CVI recently received a donation of 21 tactile quilts from the Chamblee Star Quilt Guild. Members of the Guild make quilts to donate as part of their community outreach according to Shirley Dobson, a guild member. “We use everything on our quilts including items that make noise like a squeaky toy,” said Dobson.

Here are a few of the ones guild members made this year.