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CVI is making it easier for you or a loved one to choose services.  We are offering a new menu of classes.  The classes can be scheduled to fit your timeframe and goals. Plus, training and classes are tailored to your age and skill level.

The classes and opportunities include:

Adult female helping senior male use a laptop

Adult Services – Independent Living Skills, including cooking, chores and other activities. Orientation & Mobility can focus on a range of skills from improving safety at home, using MARTA, or learning to use a white cane.  Technology classes include how to use your smart phone as an assistive device, computer skills, and screen reader technologies. 

Person using white cane walking along sidewalk

Children & Youth Services – Independent Living Skills from cooking to making the bed and laundry, as well as Orientation & Mobility, Braille tutoring, Technology, Functional Vision Assessments and Support with your child’s individual education plan (IEP).

Low Vision Clinic – Low Vision Evaluations, Occupational Therapy, and recommendations for assistive devices that will help you continue daily activities, such as cooking and managing money, watching TV, reading, or pursuing other hobbies.

We know that flexibility is key. You can sign up for some courses on an individual basis, while others may require multiple sessions to learn core skills and are offered in a bundle.   

Young woman sitting with her white cane and listening to her smartphone

If you love to cook, Food Prep 101 covers the basics you need to prepare the meals you like best. The Smartphone 101 course teaches accessibility features that make it possible to stay in touch with loved ones, catch up on the news, or use your favorite apps. If getting around safely is your priority, our Orientation and Mobility class is where you can learn to move more securely and comfortably wherever you want to go.

If you are worried that you need classes at CVI, but cannot afford them – do not be concerned. We can help. Thanks to the support of generous donors, we can offer financial assistance for the classes that will help you enjoy life and participate fully in the community.

To learn more about these opportunities, call 404.602.4347 or visit our website at cviga.org/services.