“When you lose your vision, EVERYTHING changes.”

CVI Client – Delisa

Up until three years ago, Delisa (a recent CVI client who lives outside of LaGrange, Ga.) was a busy mom working full time as an accountant. She started seeing dark spots and was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. As her condition worsened, she learned from her doctor that bleeding in the back of her eyes had caused nerve damage.

Her vision loss has had a profound effect on her life. “I wasn’t able to work, because in accounting numbers have to be accurate. It impacted cooking, driving, everything. Everything changes when you can’t see; I was used to being able to see and take care of myself and my family.”

Delisa describes her vision as “like trying to see through a foggy bathroom mirror.” When bi-monthly eye-injections were no longer useful, one of her nurses suggested she contact CVI for assistance. “I got a phone call back letting me know CVI was coming to LaGrange. It was a great opportunity to get help.”

Like many people with vision loss, Delisa cannot drive, making it difficult to travel to and from appointments. This is particularly true for her and others who live in rural areas. “LaGrange, doesn’t have Uber,” she explains. “We don’t have Lyft or anything like that. So, I’m dependent on someone else to get me to places…Any option that is closer is always helpful.”

To bring care directly into communities where access is limited, CVI collaborates with the Georgia Drive for Sight Program to offer vision rehabilitation services in underserved areas of the state to meet the local needs.

Thanks to the CVI pop-up clinic in LaGrange, Delisa received a free low vision exam and guidance to help her adjust to vision loss and make use of her remaining sight. She also received assistive devices, like a magnifier which she says, “I keep with me at all times,” and low vision-friendly paper and pens.

Delisa feels that her CVI experience was a positive one. “I just want to say thank you,” she says. “Everybody was really friendly and helpful.”

To learn more about CVI’s low vision clinic offerings, call 404-875-9011 or click here.