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According to the Georgia Department of Education, a child with a visual impairment is one whose vision, even with correction, adversely impacts their educational performance. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) ensures children with vision loss receive accommodations to support them in their education.

As your child heads back to school, it’s important for them to have their annual eye exam. If a visual impairment is suspected, the optometrist will refer them for a low vision evaluation, performed by an optometrist who specializes in low vision. Dr. Jamie Gallagher, one of CVI’s doctors, tells us that, “A low vision evaluation for students provides their teachers and parents with important information on what type of low vision devices, assistive technology, and accommodations are needed to ensure the student has all the tools necessary for success.”

Young boy with glasses working on a laptop computer.Dr. Gallagher has been providing low vision exams for CVI for over 10 years and shares, “I especially enjoy working with visually impaired students. In our evaluation, we use various types of traditional and electronic magnification devices to determine what tools are needed for them to participate in classroom activities. Some children may need assistance with near vision, like reading or using electronic devices, while others may need assistance with distance vision, such as reading the whiteboard or seeing demonstrations.” A low vision optometrist makes recommendations, like using assistive technology devices or receiving extra time or seating accommodations to help your student succeed.

CVI’s Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic offers evaluations for students ages five and older at our Midtown location and at school clinics in coordination with local school systems. In a visit to the clinic, children receive an evaluation from the optometrist and then speak with an occupational therapist who will determine optical aids and devices that will assist them in their learning. These recommendations can help construct the student’s IEP.

CVI is here to serve your child. Visit our website at https://cviga.org/florence-maxwell-low-vision-clinic/ to learn more. Please call us at 404-875-9011 with questions or to schedule an appointment.