“How do airplanes stay up in the sky?”

“How can a telescope see things so far away?”

“When I grow up, could I design video games?”

If your child has questions like these, loves to figure out how things work, and enjoys hands-on learning, join CVI for a fun and educational enrichment program! Right now, CVI is partnering with Georgia Tech’s CEISMC (Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing) for a learning workshop that offers in-person STEAM activities for children in grades 6 and up.

STEAM education combines science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to teach kids how to problem solve and work collaboratively while building their confidence. These adaptive sessions— offered for free thanks to the generosity of Georgia Tech— provide opportunities for children with vision loss to explore STEAM in a social environment. CVI staff will be on hand to offer guidance and help kids along the way.

While it’s essential for kids with visual impairment to learn basic skills like organizing their room or safely navigating their school, it’s just as important for them to develop their interests, discover their talents, and exercise their imaginations! Participating children will leave every session knowing how to do something new.

Last month, the CVI students enjoyed a hands-on engineering project, independently creating their ideal model homes with crafting supplies like pipe cleaners, modeling clay, cardboard, and found items. The children learned about establishing a foundation, setting up supports for multiple levels, and much more.

Each home was as unique as the child who built it. Meanwhile, the small group setting allowed kids to chat and help each other throughout the process. By the end of the day, new friendships had formed.

The next STEAM Workshop will be held on Saturday, March 11 from 9:00am to noon. Participants in these accessible activities will experiment with coding, learn about art and design, and build their own water filtration system!

To learn more about this fun and educational workshop for kids in grades 6 and up, contact Nick Reynolds, Senior Manager of Children & Youth services, at nreynolds@cviga.org or 404-602-4331.

Please note that registration for these sessions closes 72 hours prior to the program date. To participate in the upcoming STEAM Workshop on Saturday, March 11, you must register your child no later than Wednesday, March 8 at 9:00am.


Register here: https://apps.ideal-logic.com/ceismc?key=KJM2-8KRCD_K9KH-5PTF_001b9d06ea72