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Alzea Allen-Bey


Alzea Allen-Bey

I See Myself…Traveling With Greater Independence and Confidence

Alzea Allen-Bey, a retired federal government employee, was accustomed to living an independent life and traveling when and where she wanted to. But when she lost her vision to macular dystrophy, she had to make the tough decision to put down the car keys. “I stopped driving on my own because I didn’t want to hurt myself or others,” she said. “I religiously walk now.” During her routine jaunts around the neighborhood Allen-Bey uses a white cane not only as a mobility aid but for identification purposes.

Since coming to CVI, her self-confidence has increased greatly. “I have learned a lot from listening to others and taking group classes,” said Allen-Bey. “I am not as despondent as I was in the beginning and have learned that it is okay to ask for help.”

With continued assistance from CVI, Allen-Bey sees herself gaining even more confidence and traveling safely and independently. “My future plans are to learn how to use my white cane more, especially when crossing streets,” she said. “I also want to focus on how to organize my home better. There is so much to learn and I want to learn it all!”

photo of Alzea Allen Bey smiling