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$10,000 Champion

The 680 Group

Andy Shulman/Standard Press

Donna and Bill Woolf

$5,000 Visionary

Mary Ann and Dick Cook

Northside Hospital

Rosanne and Andy Kauss

Toni and John Rhett

Hugh Tarbutton

$2,500 Advocate

Mozell and George Acey

Audientis, LLC

Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

Subie and Phil Green

Carli and Brian Huband

Fontaine and Michael Huey

Lisa and Scott Kennedy

Anne Skae

$1,000 Patron

Drew, Eckl & Farnham

Georgia Retina

Diana Berman and Thomas Gould

Kristen M. Lewis and Randy L. Kennedy

Myra and Jim Kucera

Libby and Gary Jones

Mauldin & Jenkins

Terri and Al Lawson

Stacy Lovern

McGriff, Siebels & Williams, Inc.

Dey and Scott Mathews

Sharon and Richard Simms

Maria and Tim Tassapoulos

Susan and Frank Virgin

Jeannie B. Wright

Shauna and Craig Yardley

Media Sponsor

 The Atlantan