STARS – Youth Services

Your visually impaired child is just like any other boy or girl. Hanging out with friends, participating in sports and wanting to feel good about themselves are a few of their priorities. But when they are the only student in their school with a disability, sometimes they can feel isolated and alone.

Children who are blind or visually impaired need a safe place where they can learn and develop the skills and self-confidence to thrive at school, in the community, and ultimately in the workplace. CVI offers children ages five through 21 individual and small group classes in cooking and other household skills, braille, orientation and mobility, assistive technology and more. Students can also gain mentors and participate in social and recreational events on weekends. To learn more about the available classes, click here.

Each component has a focus on at least one of the nine elements in the Expanded Core Curriculum:

  • Functional academic skills
  • Orientation and mobility
  • Social interaction skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Recreation and leisure skills
  • Career education
  • Use of assistive technology
  • Sensory efficiency skills
  • Self-determination

Low Vision Evaluations and IEP Consultations

CVI’s Low Vision Clinic also provides low vision evaluations for students from Kindergarten through graduation. A low vision evaluation will help students develop the skills and identify tools they need to succeed in school and in life. CVI’s optometrists and occupational therapist provide counsel and recommendations for devices and supports to help each student achieve their academic goals and participate in extracurricular activities they enjoy.

IEP consultations are also available through the Youth Services Program for parents who are looking for guidance on how to best support their children’s educational needs.

To learn more about scheduling and financial assistance, contact the Youth Services Department at or by calling 404-602-4331.