In-Kind Sponsor – ECG Productions

In-Kind Sponsor – ECG Productions

ECG Productions has supported CVI fundraisers since the Fall of 2018. The videos they created for both Dining in the Dark and Night Visions were used in the event program, and we are extremely grateful for the time and effort they put in to make each story truly inspiring.

Here a little something from the production team about their latest experience.

When a video production team goes on a shoot, there are certain expectations. They know their subjects, the location, the footage they need to capture, and the broad strokes of the story they’re trying to tell. But, as anyone in the video production industry will tell you, shoots have a way of surprising you, no matter how much you prepare.

For ECG Productions’ joint producers-and-directors, Sebastian Chamaca and Alessandro Graci, their shoot at the Center for the Visually Impaired offered the best kind of surprise: A chance to help tell a genuinely inspiring story about some remarkable people.

Perseverance brought the program to life. It’s helped draw awareness to CVI, and bring joy to the people involved. For the ECG team, the message was clear: We shouldn’t let our limitations define us. “Something that really stuck with us,” said Sebastian, “was how they put it. They said, ‘Just because you’ve lost your sight, it doesn’t mean you lose your vision.’”

As a result of their time on this project, Seb and Alesso (as they’re known around the office) have become the chief advocates for ECG’s involvement in more charity projects. As if there was any doubt as to the effect that making this video had on the pair, they’ve now got a plan of their own back at ECG Productions headquarters. The goal? Granting future interns the opportunity to seek out worthy causes and choose to make mini-documentaries themselves. It’s an opportunity for them to refine their real-world skills and find fulfillment in their work at the same time. Sound familiar?


About ECG Productions

ECG Productions is a script-to-screen production house located in Atlanta, GA. From music videos, to corporate explainers, to documentaries and narrative film, they do it all. Dynamic, engaging video content is the name of the game, and there’s nothing they love more than bringing great stories (like this one) to light. To see more of their work, or contact the team, check out their website!